KUNET tourism, thanks to the services offered by the enterprise as managing all travel activities, by allowing cost-effective and easy to transport, Turkey has managed to become one of the largest corporate travel agencies.

Reservation and ticketing, which are among the services offered by KUNET Turizm, ensure that the programs are carried out without interruption. By taking advantage of the privileges that our company will offer you, you can ensure that all transactions regarding reservation and ticketing are performed, and you can make your visit only within your program.

How Do Booking and Ticketing Works Take Place in KUNET Tourism?

At KUNET Turizm, a customer representative is assigned specifically for each business partner. In this way, our business partners have the opportunity to obtain information by consulting the customer representative on each subject. In addition, all transactions are carried out by the customer representative. Following the reservation and ticketing procedures, follow-up operations are initiated, and information and reminders about the transactions are made throughout this process. Thanks to this privilege, our customers have the opportunity to get information and check their business from the customer representative 24/7 without any need to deal with any transaction. Notifications are made without delay by means of applications such as mail, phone or WhatsApp.

In booking and ticketing, our customers’ information is recorded and this information is used in all transactions. Even special accounts such as MİL card, memberships or additional transactions are meticulously included in the business plan by our company in reservation and ticketing transactions. During these transactions, special transactions such as gift usage, ticket purchase with points are also performed.

Corporate Flight Ticket

Another advantage in reservation and ticketing transactions offered by KUNET Turizm is the affordable price policy. Pricing is performed by applying the most appropriate rates of the current market prices in the reservations made or the tickets purchased. Thus, it is prevented that our customers face high prices and encounter surprises.

Domestic and international hotel & accommodation reservations, aircraft etc. All your booking and ticketing procedures, especially ticket reservations for our travels, are made by us. In addition to these services, ticket and reservation changes and cancellations are also carried out in line with the procedures.

With KUNET Tourism, which has been in the industry for many years and has succeeded in making its name known and is the first choice in corporate service, you can get support in all your corporate travel works, especially in reservation and ticketing.