As KUNET Tourism, we offer a professional solution for these needs with closed group travel organizations.

Closed group excursion organizations, which are carried out within the scope of a program prepared by our travel agency by conveying all the number of participants and all requests related to the program, are carried out anywhere without any restrictions. In the package tour prepared for different periods of the year, a unique organization is presented with every detail by selecting the best locations and rotations according to the needs. Thus, a suitable indoor group travel organization for all budgets and groups is offered professionally by KUNET Tourism.

What do indoor group travel organizations cover?

There is no limit in the travel organizations to be organized as a group. Activities, events, tourism trips (historical, cultural etc.) can be carried out in organizations prepared within the pre-determined conditions. In this direction, we are always ready to provide services to our corporate customers in such a wide range from training trips to special events. You can get information about events and organizations by meeting with our customer representatives who provide guidance to all our corporate customers by giving special service to them. You can benefit from the privileged services of our company for closed group travel organizations that have been presented to countless institutions.

As a result of the services we provide institutionally, the biggest strength we obtain is the full understanding of corporate needs and criteria by our institution. Thus, alternatives are created for group travel organizations by offering different alternatives in applications made by institutions. Thanks to both its suitability for the budget and its customizable structure, maximum efficiency and results are obtained from our organizations.

In addition to institutional services, KUNET Tourism provides support to various educational institutions or individual groups. In this context, support can be obtained from our company for trips organized by schools or for closed trip organizations organized by an association. KUNET Tourism, which has managed to stand out for years with its special solutions for every segment and budget, is inclusive with a wide range of services. Accordingly, it is possible to apply not only institutionally, but also individually for services.