Cultural tours which are very popular in the domestic and international situation, including Turkey, KUNET offered by Tourism privilege. Thanks for organized tours to different countries and different regions in Turkey we feel our corporate customers or individual difference.

Acting with a flawless service understanding in organizations and events, we are bringing cultural tours to a different dimension with KUNET Tourism assurance. In our tours covering cultural values and regions, we make very efficient tours with special guides and staff. With this trust we have provided as an institution, our portfolio of customers increasing day by day clearly reveals the difference of KUNET Turizm in this field.

What are the alternatives for cultural tours?

There are many alternatives for cultural tours organized by KUNET Tourism. In cultural tours, different alternatives are offered according to the period (Christmas, semester, festival, October 29, etc.) or by regions (GAP, Eastern Black Sea, Western Black Sea, Southeast Anatolia etc.). As well as all analyzes of the regions to be visited, special rotations and travel plans are prepared for each region, as well as all privatizations for individuals or institutions. Thus, maximum efficiency is obtained for the tours performed.

Specially tailored solutions are offered to our corporate and individual customers in culture-oriented tours. We organize excursions that can fully meet the needs by customizing the demands and expectations of the institutions, especially on corporate trips. In the services offered individually, the tour is organized in line with the expectations and wishes of the group. In addition to these professional supports provided for the tours, one of the most important details is the possibility of cheap cultural tours. Although the price varies by region for each tour program, in general, an economic policy is followed in all prices. Thus, wherever the tour is, the best price assurance is provided in line with the current conditions. Apart from special times like New Year’s Eve, more frequent tours to popular regions such as Istanbul are organized according to demand.

In cases where you want to get information about the performed tours, it will be sufficient to contact our customer representatives. All necessary information and procedures regarding the existing tour plans or the tours you want to organize will be made by our representative.