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Our Corporate Solutions For Your Company

Kunet Tourism offers a wide range of experienced staff and the best solutions for corporate travel and tourism company with branches in various parts of Turkey’s you.

Booking Ticket

In booking and ticketing, our customers’ information is recorded and this information is used in all transactions. Even special accounts such as MİL card, memberships or additional transactions are meticulously included in the business plan by our company in reservation and ticketing transactions.

Transfer Services

It is our priority to provide service by hosting you and your customers in the best way, as well as transfer services, airport welcoming, guest welcoming.

International Tour Packages

In international tour services, services are organized to meet different needs. In this way, you can get the service that best suits your education, business, tourism or other needs and experience the difference in this matter.
Kapalı Grup Gezi

Closed Group Travel Organizations

Closed group excursion organizations, carried out within the scope of a program prepared by our travel agency by conveying all the number of participants and all requests related to the program, are carried out anywhere without any restrictions.
Şirket Toplantıları, Organizasyon Meeting

Meeting Organization

We represent you in the best way by bringing your corporate identity to the fore as we think the best for you in the meetings and organization events where we keep up with the intense tempo of the business world.
Fuar Organizasyonu

Fair Organization

With the experience we have gained in the field of fair organizations, we provide professional support. In our organizations where customer satisfaction is in the first place, it is aimed to reflect your image in the best way as well.

Corporate Tourism Agency

We offer manageable and scalable travel services for your company. You can also get service at any time of the day with advantageous prices and our special representative for your company.
Kurumsal Turizm Acentası

Fast, result-oriented solution.

Reservation and ticketing processes with alternative flight options upon your requests.

Reduce your costs.

It can be more managed and recorded as well as economic service infrastructure.

Authorization and Scaling

You can set different current accounts for the departments you have in your corporate business and authorize as much as you want.

Expert team in the field.

We are at your service at any time of the day with our expert team in all branches.

Our Business Volume and Awards

Kunet Tourism International Air Transport Association IATA and Turkey Travel Agencies Association TÜRSAB member firm is a leader in the industry and especially many platforms.

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