You can enjoy the luxury cruise with KUNET Tourism’s most prestigious and most acclaimed organizations. Turkey and abroad to our organization for many different agencies offering package solutions for their needs and tastes of the people, it is always your first choice on vacation and organizations.

KUNET Tourism, which has succeeded in creating a great trust with the activities carried out so far, also shows its difference in this field with its luxury ship tours. Making a long-term tour with luxurious ships that attract attention with many different, special facilities that are not even in 5-star hotels, provides a forgotten period for everyone.

Why Luxury Cruise?

In luxury ship tours, every detail is prepared specially and always the best, the most luxurious is preferred. Thus, ship tours, which are the best alternative for those who do not want to spend their holidays in a single region, allows many regions to be seen by visiting. In the tour, where many centers can be seen in the country and abroad, a unique holiday experience is provided in the middle of the sea, away from chaos and calm. Especially on foreign tours, determining different rotations such as Athens, Italy, Spain and Norway enables people to make a short European tour. In this regard, luxury and pleasant ship tours create a great opportunity for those who do not want to see different countries and limit themselves to a single country.

There can be many private sections in the luxury ship such as pool, aqua park, private lessons, night entertainment clubs, casino, shows, spa and massage areas, private restaurant, and there is no room left for people to meet in the ship. Thus, it is possible to meet the needs of all participants only from the first day of the tour until the last day. Those who have the chance to stay in private cabins according to the ship type experience unforgettable memories while sipping their drinks in the ocean-view cabins. There is also a free shop opportunity for ship tours, which have many different frames, especially for those who love to take pictures.

For this unique experience that you will have with KUNET Tourism, you can immediately contact our customer representative.