KUNET Tourism provides corporate travel services for different needs of businesses. The transfer service, which is among these services, meets your needs in transportation and makes you feel different as a VIP. KUNET Tourism, which has succeeded in becoming a reliable solution partner by taking its strength in the tourism sector from the trust it provides to its customers, is one of the best solution partners with the services it develops day by day with this experience.

It is the priority of KUNET Tourism to provide service by hosting you and your customers in the best way as well as transfer services, airport reception, guest reception.

Welcoming your domestic and foreign guests within the transfer service offered by our company, airport etc. It is carried out without any problem, by placing it in its hotel, and accompanying it during the trips or visits. We aim to leave a good reputation to your customers with the friendly service of our experienced and reliable personnel in the transfer operations with our specially prepared vehicles.

Our company, where you can meet your different transfer needs with different vehicle options, offers you a comfortable and at the same time service that can meet all your needs during the journey. Moreover, many other additional services such as requests for additional vehicles, document or document delivery for last-minute surprises are also offered within the transfer service. In addition to all these services, you do not need to follow up business, thanks to information and reporting at any time.

Feel the difference

KUNET Tourism, where you can get support 24/7, does not neglect comfort and trust as well as offering you a different and quality service. Our best reference is the impression we have left at national and international companies and organizations that we have served to date. With our ever-increasing portfolio, we always analyze the needs of the business world and always make point shots. We always adapt to the busy tempo of business life with our strong and dynamic staff.

Car insurance, accident insurance and personal insurance, which are of great importance for transfer services, are prepared before the transfer service and final checks are made. Thus, all your security is also provided for you in the transfer services offered without any problems.