KUNET Tourism prepares all necessary procedures for your trip with visa and travel insurance services for all your visits abroad. In addition to the possibility of obtaining a visa without any problems in the services offered by our company, suitable travel insurance is also offered according to the state of the visit. Thus, the most important part of the travel planning is completed by taking precautions against all the negativities during your travel.

With the privilege of KUNET Tourism, your visa is prepared in accordance with official procedures wherever you want to go to the world, and all transactions are carried out on your behalf. Moreover, your visa is prepared and presented before your trip, without any restrictions, including the Schengen Visa required for visits to European Union countries. Thus, instead of spending your valuable time on long transactions such as visas and travel insurance, you can focus on your business and ensure that your applications are made smoothly for all your employees who will participate in the trip.

With KUNET Turizm, you shouldn’t be missing

As KUNET Tourism, we offer you a great privilege in this regard, being aware of the difficulty of applying for a visa for individual or corporate activities and advancing the whole process. Since different documents and procedures are required for visa procedures for each country, we carry out the procedures within the country procedures wherever you will make your travels. In order to ensure that there are no missing transactions and documents, visa procedures where every step is planned in detail, your visa is issued without any problems and is prepared for your travel. You can resolve all your questions on this matter with a meeting with our customer representative.

Travel insurance, which is offered in addition to visa services, provides assurance for those who will travel abroad for business or sightseeing purposes. For this reason, all insurance transactions in the services provided by KUNET Turizm are also prepared according to the type of activity. The insurance service, which will protect you against dangers within the insurance conditions for 24 hours during your travel period, can also be changed in line with additional requests and its scope can be changed. Thus, even in cases where special precautions are required, travel insurance coverage can be provided. Travel insurances that provide collateral for many special situations such as baggage loss, flight delay, theft, material damages, medical expenses, travel cancellation, early return, natural disaster, death, disability provide confidence for you or your private customers in this direction.