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Blue Voyage

Preferred mainly in summer months Blue Voyage Tours are also organized with the assurance of KUNET Turizm. You can have an unforgettable trip thanks to the blue cruises that depart from different coastal cities of Turkey and offer a pleasant blue cruise.

In blue cruises, where sea, nature, blue and sun come together, travels on luxury ships also become unique with the combination of all needs and luxury. For this reason, you can have a different experience by choosing blue cruises, which have started to receive much more demand from Turkey, especially in recent years.

Blue Voyage and Routes

In the blue cruise service organized by KUNET Turizm, voyages carried out between bays in Turkey's coastal regions within the country are offered with many different rotation options abroad. For this reason, the organization is planned differently depending on domestic or international preferences. Although tours covering the southern coasts and the Greek islands are preferred in Turkey, participation in other rotations is also possible. Blue Voyage and Routes

Price on Blue Cruise

Although prices are charged as a package, tour prices vary depending on the characteristics of the blue cruise. For this reason, information must be obtained according to different criteria, such as domestic or international. You can contact our customer representative for any questions or problems regarding prices.

The duration of blue cruises, which are carried out mainly in Bodrum and Marmaris in Turkey, also varies depending on the tour organization. Blue cruise, which is used in the summer months, offers an alternative to those who want to enjoy the sea by being alone with nature, away from city life and chaos.


When all these opportunities are combined with the cheap blue cruise opportunity, KUNET Tourism services become much more attractive. Our customers, who can be included in organizations individually as well as corporate customers, have the chance to experience a unique blue voyage with the trust and experience offered by our company. You can have many unforgettable memories by choosing the blue cruises, which thousands of people participate in every year, at a suitable date.

Blue Voyage

Request our blue cruise packages, which we offer on many different routes consisting of the heavenly blue bays of our country.

Aegean Blue Cruise

Contact us to experience the peace of swimming in many untouched bays along with the Greek islands.