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International Tour Package

International tour packages have become very popular in recent years in order to discover different cultures and new regions. Being together with different people in different geographies during trips to Europe and America makes both business and tourism trips very different. Having different rotations among international tour options prevents people from having a monotonous trip and ensures that the excitement is always at the same level with each new trip abroad.

Within the scope of international packages, organizations can be organized for a single country, or tours can be organized for a specific and wide region such as a European tour, Balkans tour, Far East tour or America tour. Having so much diversity and being offered with the privilege of KUNET Turizm also creates an alternative for you. It is also possible to get support from our company wherever your business is abroad.

Abroad Tour Packages and Transactions

For those who want to go abroad with their own means, different procedures must be followed. However, taking action on this issue with an agency will prevent all these transactions from being carried out and allow the pantry to focus only on the trip. As KUNET Turizm, we offer you a pleasant and trouble-free international opportunity. With the experience we have gained in this field over the years, you can have the opportunity to experience our privilege wherever you go in the world.

In international tour services, services are organized to meet different needs. Thus, you can experience the difference in experience by receiving the service that best suits your education, business, tourism or other needs.

For our corporate customers who want to go abroad, all transactions regarding the destination region are carried out step by step, thanks to the customer representative appointed at the first meeting. Hotel reservations, flight ticket reservations and all other arrangements will be organised. Thus, from the first day to the last day of the tour, what to do, where to stay, how and where to travel are determined in detail. This information is also reported to customers so that all necessary information is obtained. You can also choose KUNET Turizm for such privileges and a hassle-free trip abroad.


In addition to all these opportunities, in the services offered by KUNET Tourism, economical international tour packages will be organized, so services can be received at affordable prices even in a large-scale corporate travel organization.